The Night Sky

Often it’s difficult to find inspiration, but certainly not because it isn’t out there. As my friend Taylor said, it’s everywhere but it’s hard to find, which inspirited me to write this in the first place.  Sometimes though we find inspiration, it’s more difficult to tap into the very vein of the it’s existence. When I’m lacking in inspiration I’ll go outside and stare up at the sky, specifically at night and watch the stars, the moon and the clouds. All together they look magnificent, but I know there is so much more to each individual piece. If you see a star out there in the sky that you wish to look at more closely, you can try to find it in a telescope, but this can prove to be difficult and frustrating to locate the star close up. Even still, you may find something completely different than you were looking for, something no less amazing.

I find this on nights such as this one, when I walk out in the cold hoping to see the stars and moon and instead find the sky to be covered with a layer of clouds, dropping frigid raindrops on my face. It would be easy to find this as a disappointment, but no… There is just as much beauty in this sky, in the rain and clouds  as the stars, just a different sort of beauty.

There’s a type of protagonist that seems to have been fairly common in stories and well liked, one that shines like a star from the beginning, surrounded by darkness. Though they face many challenges you know from the beginning that they will make it through, you know they have to. Oh, these are remarkably beautiful characters as well as people, but there is another kind that is beautiful as well… They may struggle from the beginning and at the end of their story everything won’t be completely polished and perfect, but it’s beautiful and though they don’t shine on their own, they reflect and hold light when surrounded by it.

As much as this applies to writing and inspiration, I believe it applies to living and encouragement, don’t forget to shine and to help the others to  shine their brightest as well.

~Tori Lynn


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