Welcoming 2013

It’s been a long year, my friends oh can’t you see? It’s changed who I am, every single part of me. There’s much I wish I could remember better, others could forget.
The last moments are still passing and it’s not quite over yet.

With each single mistake you had my back, every time I fell you picked me up.
I”m losing ground and I don’t know how to speak. I wouldn’t change a thing but it all surely changed me. So here I am, looking back can’t a change a thing. These memories in my heart, oh how vast could they be?
From the start I knew that things would be different this year but I never quite imagined it’d be this new from the start it started changing, rushing new directions and I almost got lost in the speed.

New friendships and others dying, but some grow stronger at last, everything started changing and it all happened so fast. Like a blur in the atmosphere, look closer and everything’s so clear. It’s hard to fathom it was only a year, but it passed and it happened and it was all so dear. There were some of the best and the worst times this year, but through the trials we grow and through the joy we celebrate.

I”m sorry I can’t be more or better for you, but this is all I am and I hope it’s something you will want in your life, that maybe I can help. I wish that you could hear these words but you’re so far away and I’m crying out to you because I’m sorry that it came about, I wish I could be better, but there are no regrets. This time, I’ll still do better, He’ll help me to be better this year.

It’s been a crazy year but so much has come from it, I’m blessed to know you all and I’m thankful that I’ve found you. As we spend these last few moments, I want you all to know you mean the world to me and you’re all vastly important. You have a story, don’t be afraid to share it. Happy 2013, and may it be splendid.

I’ve been reunited with dear friends I hope to see again soon, I’ve finally come to the relationship that keeps me smiling at every turn, I’ve learned so much, we’ve had quite the adventure this year. I’m certain that this coming year will hold adventures of it’s own, trials and joys alike, and when it begins, I’ll be ready, as I hope all of you will be. As one adventure fades, there’s a sinking in your heart, but don’t forsake that other feeling of anticipation for the adventure to come.

20121231-154653.jpgWelcome in the new year with a smile and dear friends, don’t let regrets of 2012 bring the celebration down, but instead take those as lessons and the sweet memories as inspiration. Trust Papi with all of your being and rely fully in Him, this coming year will be truly grand, there’s so much more.

Personally, I haven’t really written down any particular resolutions, I can’t really recall a year that I did, but I do hope to love as He’s loved me and to always strive to be more and more like Him, to learn and to write, to thrive and make a difference. Thank you all, I still struggle with writing as wondering if anyone really cares enough for it to be worth it but you all keep inspiring me to keep going and that means the world to me. Thank you and happy New Year.
~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Welcoming 2013

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    I continue to enjoy every work you write; lots of love, Nonny

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