It Seems

Neither way can be right for all, you go the right way but you trip and fall. People will judge what they can’t understand, that way they feel safe. It seems you can’t find the way, the way to not hurt anyone, the way to see everyone smile. It seems it’s out of reach, the key to solve it all, the balance to not fall. I suppose it doesn’t really matter at all what they think, so long as my God is smiling at me.

It seems like I’m worn down on this road, the winds spin me in circles but I know where to go. A cold ache in my chest, I’m running out of breath and yet we’ve barely begun. It seems as if this path goes on forever, but it’s not all that bad. If you look around and treasure the surroundings, the mountains are majestic and the streams are sweet, so glad I am that I shan’t be travelling alone.

It seems you can’t catch everyone, it’s a whir in a hurricane and you can barely keep your own feet on the ground. We do what we can and our hearts bleed till the winds are red.

~Tori Lynn


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