Little Town

The cool breeze settled in on the little town. Lila sighed deeply and shook the snow off her feet that had settled. Her breath floated up like a great smoke stack against the cold and she pulled his jacket tightly around her arms. Jace pulled himself up onto the wall next to her and handed her a cup of hot chocolate. Leaning on his shoulder, Lila observed the little town. Everyone was busy doing something, but from where she was it all seemed like a blur. Jace sighed and placed his arm around her, he smiled slightly at the town’s quiet. Despite the insanity of the season, it was still calm with her.

Though it had been splendid, the day passed as any other does and Lila wrapped her arms tightly around Jace as his lips pressed gently against her forehead. As she lost her grip on him, Lila pulled him closer one last time before they parted. A smile rested on her face as she closed the door behind herself and watched the sun’s last beams fade over the horizon. Jace flew down the road, quick as he could. The sun was sinking and he had a clock to beat. Fuzzy memories of the day flooded his mind with a weak smile. Lila held his jacket close, as the night closed in she knew he was surely gone.
Jace slid out of his car and stepped into the city. Every day was a fight, every day he was challenged and every day he found something wonderful to make it all worth it. The city’s infection was spreading, even in their little town it came out in lashes. Unlike most infections that can be treated simply, this one came like a beast, so that’s what they called it. It devoured people, beginning with little things until their entire person was consumed by a hunger indistinguishable. They’d all suffered from it, the price of the rebellion so long ago. Day by day they all regretted it and the cost was painful. With the cure, they all could be cured and return home one day, but for the time being, they could only hope to share this cure with those remaining. He smiled softly remembering that Lila would be waiting for his return, and one day joining him in battle. Dangerous as it was, they all longed for it, once being cured they longed to share the cure with great passion, no danger was too great to prevent the cure’s spreading.
Lila rolled off her bed and looked out the window at the night sky, she longed to be out in battle with Jace, but there were plenty of minor cases around the little town including keeping herself and Jace in check, as he did as well. She poured over the studies and documents daily. They poured over them together when he was back in town. Sitting on the roof of an old building, they watched the stars and city lights. Some nights everything seemed alright.
~Tori Lynn

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