A Wonder

I’m in a spaceship, the world is a dream. The owls turn their heads as I melt into the ocean, but I don’t want to swim alone. It was there I found you, in the greatest depths, you swirled me around and we discovered the city together. We enjoyed a nice few days until the moment we floated away. The break of the waves was never too tender and I laughed as you tried to shake the sand out of your hair.

We left our shoes behind and ran through the fields, our laughter wove a glorious melody. I can’t quite remember how it was that December caught us in sprinkles of diamonds of ice. We found a glider hidden in the brush and it carried us far over the steep mountaintops. I lost my breath as we marveled and wondered, what a beautiful atmosphere. I couldn’t stop the red from rising to my face, such a wonder to share.

The leaves peel up and float down the streets, a motorbike whirs and interstates meet. Life is a journey, you follow a path, don’t find yourself alone and don’t give to wrath. Share the road, love, take hope and have faith. We’ve all been created for a purpose greater than fathomable, trust in our Father, mightier than imaginable. Isn’t it grand, that He didn’t ask us to journey alone?



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