Sticky Note Forest

Credit: Jensine Burk

The walls of the forest are lined with little notes, hearts exposed. I take in a deep breath, the all bear different scents of joy and heartache. I found many sad ones lower to the ground and happy notes high in the trees, I would think they’d all be like this, but I found it to be quite different.

I found a house built of these notes, the walls lined with sweet words and “I love you”s. The house was small but lovely, many notes filled it of different hands and varied pens. One at the door read “Welcome, you’re loved here.” The house made me fill warm and the words touched my heart.

I jumped a little when I was walking down the path, the ground was also made of these notes. Bending down, I found the path to be made of many things, regret, anger, sadness, friends lost and wherever it reached the edge, goodbyes of the saddest kind. They screamed at me in their loneliness and I started picking them up. I came across things that broke my heart, but I kept finding more and more. I carried as much as I could and I brought them back with me. I hung them high on the trees and in the bushes to let their shouts be heard. I was shocked to find that many of these notes were of the same hand as those happy ones high in the trees.

I hoped to change these notes. I started running through the forest, I found blank notes and a pen, I started writing like mad. I could see the people not far in front of me, writing their notes and putting them where they felt they could, where they weren’t afraid. I tripped over a group of angry notes forming a rock and my notes went flying. When I hit the ground, I pulled up all the notes I could find and put them in piles, I made a pile of lies and I made a pile of hurts. I made a pile of confessions and I read them. I burnt the pile of lies and I wrote new notes to put over the hurts. The people who had been writing their notes looked up at me with cold and pained eyes, they read the notes that fell in their hands, they read the notes that fell on the ground.

I stood in silence, watching their faces, I wrote more notes. I dried their tears, I gave them hugs, I took their hands and they followed me to a place. I noticed for the first time as we were walking that all their sticky notes were stuck to them. As they walked, sticky notes came up off the ground and clung to them, some theirs, others nasty ones other people left. I brushed some of them off, but only some would actually come off. I started running and they followed me back to the little house. There was a pool of water that shone like it was full of Light itself beside it. I showed them the most treasure Book of all, and some of them decided to dive in to the waters. I carried them to the edge and the dove in. The awful sticky notes came off when they submerged and disintegrated into the water. I pulled each one of them out smiling, the sticky notes no longer stuck to them, but instead they began writing ones like I did. We often split up and met in different groups, some chose not to dive in and walked away from us, but we never ever gave up. We never will give up.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Sticky Note Forest

  1. Sharon Rose says:

    This is a great allegory! It reminds me of when I created a prayer and praise board with sticky notes. When I had a prayer request, I would write it on a sticky note and put it on the “Prayer Board” and then when the prayer was answered, I would put it on the “Praise Board.” It was fun to look at my wall and see how many prayers God had answered. : )

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