Great Sorrow, Greater Joy.

A gentle breeze stirs in the air, a chill sets in and the leaves are changing colors, preparing to fall, the change of the season. Reflecting, it’s been an absolutely crazy year thus far, but the leaves still change as well as the seasons.

Great sorrow, greater joy.

I’ve learned many a thing this year, growing ever closer to Papi, my loving God and Creator, strengthening and changing friendships, even losing a couple, it’s been quite the adventure. All this combined with it being my last year of high school and one of the most unusual futures I could have imagined awaiting me, it leaves my heart pounding. There is so much sorrow in the world, the lost and confused, so much pain, the choices that are made… My heart breaks every day, and there is deep sorrow. I would not rid myself of it, though, for there is a much greater joy. A joy that surpasses my imagination and ability to grasp it, the joy of my God, the hope in love and faith.. There is so much more.

I can’t help but smile at the sunset, the moonlit night, the waves of the ocean or stillness of a lake, the smile of a child, the warmth of a heart, the embrace of a loved one, the unspoken words in your eyes, every single moment I spend in worship and His word, a grand story, the recounting of an adventure, a glimpse of a heart, those words that mean everything…

Great sorrow, greater joy.

The leaves will turn and fall, but new ones will grow, and as they change, they are beautiful, breath-taking. There is beauty among all this, we just have to open our eyes and trust Him.

There is so much I could hope to share with you all, but today as I was reading 2 Corinthians 7, I came to an even deeper understanding of this concept. Oh, and certainly the Psalms as well.. Ha, I cannot stop reading His word and each time is so wonderful.

I must admit, writing a story is difficult, writing many stories is insane. Your characters begin to beg and plead with you to write their story, they interrupt your everyday thoughts, they influence how you act, their struggles often cause you trouble, their mannerisms show up randomly in conversation, but it is certainly worth every moment of that. They’re like children in a way, you cry in their pain, rejoice in their gladness of heart, learn through their adventures and grow in their trials. Bittersweet isn’t quite the right word, for these certain sorrows are not even entirely bitter, but challenging.

What is now is nothing compared to what is to come, and nothing can ever begin to compare to the glorious Ending of it all, what awaits those who truly love Him…

~Tori Lynn


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