“Come with me,” I whispered, my voice barely audible above my own heavy breathing. “It could be our adventure, our marvelous adventure.”

The road ahead is perilous, in fact it’s unpredictable, but I won’t be afraid. How could I be? If I were walking this road alone, I’d be terrified if I had even made it here. Ah, but I am not alone, nowhere near it.

“Stay with me,” I pleaded. “This journey isn’t meant for me to go on without you.”

Every single piece of an adventure matters, no character is insignificant, no trial can be ignored, no victory should go without rejoicing.

“Look into my eyes,” I smiled. “Let me show you what I see, and then I’ll look into yours, it’s a beautiful mystery.”

Look around you, to the flowers and every blade of grass. Gaze upon the moon and the stars, the filmy clouds. Take in the mighty mountain views and the deep seas and tell me, what is it you see behind all that? Who do you see behind it, and what do you see in Him? A painter’s strokes reveal their passion, a musician’s melody betrays their love, a writer’s characters portray their heart and an athlete’s movements show their drive, a photographer’s images lay out their view.

“Don’t think less of yourself, darling. The God who made all this, He made you too.” I gestured to your heart.

Life can be a nightmare if you hide in the dark, but in the Light the truth is revealed and we are rescued by the Light.

“A road lies ahead, and not a simple one by any measures.” I took your hand, “Shall we go?”

Don’t put your everything into the journey, but give your all to the One who made you and He will direct you as you should go. Do not forsake His guidance, do not let go of His word.

I clutched in my hand the most precious of all books, the one that contains unquestionable truths. You grasped it tightly as well and together, in this way we embark. “You ready?”

I am amazed. It all looks confusing and complicated, perhaps it is. I needed help and I cried out for it, I cried out for someone to care for me and I was overcome with joy as He blessed me beyond what I could ever deserve or imagine.

“You know, it’s hard to stop smiling anymore.” I looked at the ground, and then to the sky. “Wow.. Just wow. I don’t know what else to say sometimes.”

~Tori Lynn


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