The Motions

I find myself in a strange realm outside of normality.

I am new, I am alive in Christ. I’m hungry to know the truth and share it.

How does this affect the everyday elements of my life, how would it (or does it) affect yours?

Towards the end of summer I was inspecting the idea of certain elements in a person’s life, experimenting with not entirely fictional characters and taking certain pieces of their lives out to see what would change. Of course, this could only be educated guesswork and creativity moreso than discovery, for I have no true way of testing these ideas. In any case, the regularities of school can be taxing and downright annoying to people my age, younger and older. In fact, this school year is already looking very heavy for me.

But what makes the difference? What use is it for me to go through a whole school year getting by with passing grades? Would that not be a waste? I would think it one, certainly.. I have much to learn, I may as well begin now. Were it my own choice, I would lighten the load and spread it out to some of those times in my past when the feeling of being bored crossed my mind. Ha, it is certainly a thing of the past for me..

As a certain sweet child I know would say, I’m speaking nonsense, so I shall try to explain my rambling now.

Have you ever heard the song by Matthew West, The Motions? I grew up knowing this song, every word to it. It’s meaning is deep, and it seeps all the way down to interactions with studies and knowledge. Aye, school.

I don’t want to read and memorize these things, only to forget them as soon as I graduate highschool come summer. That would be ridiculous, to me. I want to soak in this knowledge, so that it may affect my life, as I want to soak up all He is, so that it may be interwoven into every aspect of my life. I want to understand, I want to drain every last drop of juice out of every piece of fruit, so to speak. The motions are useless if your heart isn’t in the dance, it’s obvious to those who care to notice.

Every time I see the glory of His creation, this earth, in us humans, the very buildup of a leaf or pebble, and the beauty of sunsets and sunrises, ah, I long to sing His praises and forget the troubles of the world, but even more, His love, a deep sense of awe and wonder wells up inside of me and I can’t help but smile at how amazing He is, how glad I am that He forgave me, so that I, as lowly as I am, am made new so that I can live with Him and share that love, that forgiveness with others…

Sunset over Glacier National Park

Proverbs 20:15 Gold there is, and rubies in abundance,
but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.




In all truth and honesty, I won’t just go through any motions, I can’t. I’m gonna keep seeking the truth, treasuring love above all, striving in hope, and following Him with all humility.

~Tori Lynn


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