Chasing a Butterfly’s Wing

Swiftly floating down the street, among the people, under their feet. It floats onward, shimmering in the light, I long to catch it, I think I might.

An adventure so grand dwells in my mind among many others, historical and fictional. To tell of each and every detail would take ages and wouldn’t quite be as special if I could indeed remember them all in any sort of order, but the dear memory of it all shines brightly.

Have you ever drank water out of a lake or river, purposefully? Ah, there is something beautifully pure about it. I still marvel at the wonder of the long hike, by the time we reached the hidden lake, I was so thirsty that it seemed as if any water would be good, but that water, ah, it was amazing. I cannot hardly wait for the occasion that will bring us back there, but I suppose I shall have to.

The marvel of simply walking side by side with friends so dear they’re practically family is indeed a beautiful one in itself to me, one I shan’t forget. Even every silent moment was special, we chased them. For a long time we ran down the street after them, catching a glimpse in the sunlight here and there until finally we grasped them between our fingers. The moments were beautiful, astounding and new, a discovery all together.. And then came the time to set them free to the wind again. As they fluttered away in the wind, I watched with a tear in my eye. For certain, they shall not be lost in my memory.

Even more astounding to me is the memories that still lie yet ahead. The journey does not end there, and I do have wonderful companions to share it with. Aye, I am blessed. That is not the point, though. For even if I had to bear this journey alone save for Papi, I would. It would be awfully lonely, though, I shall admit. That is why He gave us these companions after all, though. Whether I need to shred pieces of bark into splinters or strangle a teddy bear, or just a marvelous walk on the beach or a trek through the mountains..

There is so much to learn, and so much I need to grasp of what has already come. Life is spinning around me and every now and then I feel awfully dizzy from it, but I suppose that is part of growing, eh? It is indeed a wonder…

~Tori Lynn


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