Pages and schedules unfold before me, books and programs await my time to come. I feel as if I would rather be standing on a battlefield while instead I am faced with the numbness of work. Some of it draws my interest in a mystifying way, but I hope not to be overwhelmed by the vastness of it. Nay, I wish to delve into each section of it with full devotion, to not grow weary in the tireless structure of it all, to not lose heart in the discovery. In all honesty, it appears ever-daunting to me, but I shall pursue this task with all that I can. Ah, there is much to learn and I do desire to, I just hope it is not overtaken by tasks.

Speaking with many of my friends or observing others I suppose one would call my peers, I have noticed that many view the return to this school year as such. Not many ever look forward to it, but being that this is my last year of highschool it has a sense of urgency to it. Shall it be my end of learning? Of course not! I learn much more in the experiences of life itself and from my Great Teacher than I ever have from any sort of schoolwork, learning only begins here.

Work, school, life, relationships, family, reading, learning, growing, loving.. Let it never become a task to me, may I not grow tired of these things, may they never overwhelm me, Papi.. Show me the wonder in every moment.

As a peace flows through me, excitement still kindles ever so gently. This upcoming year may hold many wonders yet. Ah, so it does.. For this, this is only the beginning. Even to the very end of it all, it is only the beginning of something great.



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