Oftentimes I find that is the only thing I know to say, at least out loud. So much is coming about, those beautiful moments that cannot really ever be told of, not in the full sentiment of what they were. However, they will live on in dreams and memories, and certainly they have left an impact on us. Walking on the beach, watching the waves, falling into a sweet sleep.. Sometimes it’s just wonderful when you share your heart, and someone understands it. I am ever so grateful… My mind’s complexities go beyond what even I can comprehend, it’s amazing that anyone else could begin to understand it.

Our Father is not simple, look at the waters, you may look on the sea for miles and not see all the ends, each wave lapping at the shore is a wonder in itself, but that does not even begin to touch on the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Ah, it is so beautiful..

Have you ever imagined something, dreamed for so long it seemed so real already that when it finally came to pass you thought it would let you down? Well, I am so glad to say this is never the case for me.. for those moments never fail to exceed my dreams by amounts I never would have imagined.

A joy flows within me and it cannot be contained. Yes, I will smile. It is all I can do not to shout with joy. The time is coming, as we realize we are not where we should be, we can take action and move to where we should be. This is our life, our journey, the path we wear down every day, why would we try to make it less than it was made to be?

Flipping through the precious pages of His word, a glimpse of a sweet smile, a child laughing, an adventure awaiting… Oh, how many joys have come to me. Aye, there are hard times and saddening things, but my hope is in Him and my breath has been taken.

One day, it will come. I will wait unwavering in hope, do not slip from the path nor fool yourself into thinking you’ve come as far as you will. Strive for His highest, do not forsake His word. Aye, we continue to grow and learn, we have come far but there is so much further to go. My heart is encouraged to know that I shall not be facing this journey alone. I am constantly in awe of all He is.

A new friend, a new journey, a warm heart, an old tale..



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