The Last Day

As the waves crash beside me, my mind stirs with the dear memories of this past summer. After a long absence I’ve returned to New Life Camp as staff and I must say, it was a grand summer.. At first I wasn’t certain I would ever be able to truly be a part of what went on there, but I found myself very wrong.

I made many new friends and rekindled old friendships with people who were willing to put behind how mean and annoying I was as a child. I marveled at every moment, each conversation and all the smiles, especially the constant joy.. Though I was only a lifeguard and on service staff, we truly had a good time. From bubble parties in the kitchen to laughing our heads off while cleaning the bathroom, it was unforgettable. Especially those dear moments in staff worship or when a child would hug me, or just watching their smiles. There was something spectacular about the staff singing and doing the motions to Deep Cries Out while remaining in our seats. As the 2012 summer staff sang Friends Forever for the final time, it all sunk in.

“Memories are wonderful, but do you live differently because of them?” -Crazy Love ~Francis Chan

Over the last bit of summer, a friend and I read this book together, though there were thousands of quotes that impacted me greatly, the entire essence of it.. I believe this question rings as a challenge, for the end of a truly wonderful summer, to live by. Surely I will miss these times and people, but I must strive forward as well.

On the last day of camp, I realized that the following day, today marks the first day of my 17th year of life. What a beginning.. I thank Papi for blessing me so, with these wonderful friends and opportunities to love, for loving me and forgiving me… And so it starts….
~Tori Lynn


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