Write a story upon my heart, so that I may share it with the world. Weave the words gently so that our journey may be told. A grand discovery, a foreign tale, our path winds on and ever on.

As time flows by on goes our lives and we barely pause to breathe. A grand adventure, to surpass our times of old. Hair blowing in the wind as the trees bend to the earth, hold on tight darling.

As we shine like the moon, forever away I often wish that by my side you could stay. Distance is difficult and time is old, but through each storm our journey winds on. With the swiftness of eagles, we run through time. It feels as though we’re flying until we look around.

Where are we now? To where will we go? This land is familiar, a place that I know. As the sun sets before me, as the waves lap the shore, I long to be with you for now evermore.

Your smiles reflect in my memory, each and every one of you. Let His Light shine, hold it up to the world.

My dear ones, this journey has barely begun, our adventures could not be penned within a thousand days even yet, but much lies ahead. With great wonder, and grand curiosity, we press onward. What shall we fear? What could hold us back? As our Father guides us through, smile and take another step.

This is our journey, but we must begin. Whilst swimming upriver in this life, ceasing to do so will cost us ever so dearly. For what are we without love? Don’t take a piece from the picture, do not remove the stones from the bridge upon which you tread. Take heart and journey onward, there’s an old room full of pages back home, but we aren’t done just yet. Hand in hand, at His side, what can this world do to us?

This is our journey, will you come along?



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