Fluid Movement

What is it, in those moments suspended in the air that brings such a rush of adrenaline coursing through my being? It is more than simply adrenaline, though. Maybe it’s something more, maybe it’s a form of freedom. Something we do not recognize. Not simply a rush, but a part of life that has been hidden in the confines of following the crowd- or hidden by fear itself.  Few truly understand it and perhaps that’s why few attempt it. There is always a fear of falling, but that only comes from lack of confidence. So what if we were to develop this confidence? To learn what we are capable of would completely unlock something new. And something new would hold the unknown, why do we fear it? Perhaps we wonder if it would overpower us, if we are to keep it locked away then it will not escape. Without the knowledge of it, if we continue on as usual, in a normal fashion, this freedom could not get out of hand, lest we could lose it. But what use is not losing something if you never truly obtain it? If it remains locked away, the desire, the longing, to be able to express oneself would always remain. Maybe that’s why being in mid air is such a significant feeling. When someone has completely freed himself from his surroundings, as much physically as mentally, he is given a freedom, incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it. When someone learns how to move with a fluidity they will understand it’s not about show, it’s about detaching from the world. It’s not about overcoming obstacles but expressing and bettering yourself in every move you make.

Even when not suspended in the air, every touch of the surfaces, strange and familiar flows in such a way that seems more natural than only observing or walking around them. Instead of wondering if there is truly anything different about the way you walk, the way you live, each moment becomes a part of who you are. Most people restrict this to a simple jog, to what they think they are capable of. But why not take it a step forward, why not move in a way that reflects the mind? Most people see parkour and immediately think of daredevils, trying to jump off the highest wall. What they don’t see is in every jump, in every flip, there is a beauty. A person who unlocks creative movement is a person who understands they are capable of more than what society tells them. We do it because it sets us apart. People will stop in their tracks to see someone who can frontflip across a chasm. Everyone is drawn to it, because everyone wants to understand. Why would you do this? Why risk your life for the adrenaline?  They wonder and marvel, but few ever attempt anything themselves, many scoff at it and some secretly long to feel that freedom. They fear falling, being looked on as a failure, or perhaps letting it become a machine, though they walk in the line of one every day. Though there are those who live parkour, it is not something duplicated, each moves in their own way, in their own freedom, in the way we were made.

But soon they will grow to understand that there is no failure. Failure would be the inability to get back up and try again, but as long as you can move you have not failed. That’s why parkour is noncompetitive, you do not strive to be better than others, but better than yourself. This way you never stop learning. There is always something new to discover. Instead of competing, you train with others, teaching another something you’ve known, learning from another or running through what you do know, you are living the discovery in a fluid movement.

~Brennan Lobo and Tori Lynn

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