The Yellow Canoe

There are times in life that we set out on a journey with a particular destination in mind, a little while ago, a friend and I set out on a journey such as this, to find the yellow canoe further along the shoreline of a lake, past the woods, at another clearing along the shore. Oftentimes, journeys such as these do not end as we would expect, as we never truly did find this yellow canoe, but the true wonder of it was that instead, we found many more adventures and sights and truly had a wonderful walk through the forest.

There are also those times in which you set out on a journey, to find yourself seeking something else a good way along the path and as it turns out, you are returned to find your original destination and it’s much more fascinating than you ever truly imagined.

Recently, I have found myself on many a journey that likens to both of these examples, large journeys taken over many years as well as small journeys that may only last a couple hours, none less astounding than another.

A journey is worth going on for what we learn and who we love along the way, whether we make it to our destination or not, there was a purpose for our wandering. Do not regret the path you have taken, do not forsake the memories you’ve made in disappointment for the little yellow canoe you never found, or the side trail that didn’t really work out. The only way you would’ve gotten where you are as who you are is the way which you came, and the only way you will ever get to where you should be as who He created you to be is by following His lead and sometimes that means not knowing the trail on which you tread.

I’ve walked on stones, dirt paths, pavement, grass, dead leaves, and oh so many different variations of gravel, but no matter how the path treads, at the moment on which you travel across it, it has become your path.

These times we travel, as our paths cross and split along the way, let them be joyous, let the light overpower the dark, always, and remember the lessons and joys along the way. For what is behind and what lies ahead, this is our journey..

~Tori Lynn


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