Field of Written Words

Sometimes I see each word on a page as an individual flower, as Papi created it. Alone, each flower is beautiful and admirable, but as you carefully line each one up with another and hundreds more they become something greater, something even more beautiful. Someone viewing this field may not see it just so, they may not think that each and every flower is delicately formed and placed. They see the beauty, sure, but only the Creator of this field will truly understand how delicate the balance is of each flower, and how intricately set in place they all are, to form this one tiny field.

As it is so with an author and one page of words.

Another page may be this tree. In the sunlight one can observe the delicate pattern and buildup of each individual leaf, but when they are put together just so with each branch as it should be and every single part of the bark in perfect order, the tree is just right. Only the Creator of such a tree could truly know how each single fragment of bark and leaf compliments the others to make up the tree.

As it is so with an author and a fragment of their story.

But as you zoom out even further, there are thousands of trees and fields along with many other marvels and wonders. All of a sudden the complexities of each individual leaf and flower are lost to our eyes as a world of wonder and mystery unfolds before us, yet He knows the delicate balance of each and every tiny design as well as how they all fit together.

Sure, life is complicated. If it were not complicated, what would be the wonder of it? What if you were to hold a leaf to the sun and only see one shade of green, as if holding a thin sheet of green, flimsy plastic? Why would we wish for life to be simple? If we are meek and humbled, Papi will lead us through the world He has created, through the ups and downs of our own mistakes and pitfalls to His wonderful design for each and every one of our lives.

Little flowers in the field, floating gently in the wind..



One thought on “Field of Written Words

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    …soraring your way to Heaven to be forever with Papi entwined.

    Thank you for your wonderful writings, my darling Tori. Love you, Nonny

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