Until then

The memories are tied around my wrists and neck, a sweet scent inflates my lungs as I breathe again. The last warm embrace slowly fades into a memory as each one passes out of sight.

Dear in my heart will these times live ever on.
Our times together shall never pass from my mind.
Through the pines, across the field, we shall never forget.
The last glimpse fades away, but these moments in my heart will forever stay.
It was a journey of great heights and depths as well for certain, but what is a journey without a challenge?
Each lesson I will cherish and every laugh will ring on in my heart.
As the clouds float away and the stars illuminate the night, I will recall these times with a smile as each warm memory melts my heart.
For what is behind and what lies ahead, this is our journey.

It is not over, I do so hope, there will be another time where our paths once again cross. As time unwinds, as we learn and grow, you will always remain dear to me. If it is so, that the time comes again, I will wait for it dearly. Like another island yet undiscovered on our vast ocean shrouded by a milky fog, until then my friends..



One thought on “Until then

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    Sounds straight from the heart…Love you, Nonny

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