Filtered Light

Oftentimes there are difficulties blocking the way, almost always there is too much to say. Life’s difficulties must be fought through to reach the dreams, but through the leaves and darkness a Light shines brightly.

There is hope, it is never out of reach if you are not alone. A Light shines from above, slipping through the darkness and driving it away. We left the small meadow in the center of the forest, everything may have seemed fine there, but the sweet songs of the trees would have kept us locked away forever. The path has become steep and rugged through this density, but there is at last the Light shining through from the end. Many shortcuts will instead lengthen the path and many rough spots will become clearer. Through the thick of the forest, the fight is not in vain, the journey will continue, see how the Light filters through.

Do not grow weary, drink of the water that is always with us, the journey ahead is long and rewarding but it would be no good to create our own demise before we leave this forest. Press on and do not lose hope, the Light filters in greater amounts and dances upon our path, the journey winds ever on. Come along now, everything’s gonna be alright.

~Tori Lynn


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