Rough Draft

I find it slightly ironic that I’ve let this post sit for just over a month, completely blank. Don’t understand the irony? Wait for it…

If you don’t begin to speak, no one will hear. If you don’t begin to write, no one will read. No one ever asks if a tree that never fell would be heard, if they do, well, perhaps that would need further addressing elsewhere.

I’ve had this trouble with speaking more than writing thus far, usually I don’t struggle with starting a first draft of a story and going back to edit it later, but something about speaking my mind and heart without careful considerations to each word and later going back to explain bothers me. Sometimes I’m pushed to situations where I end up doing just this, but not very often compared to how often I have these thoughts.

A friend of mine struggles with this aspect in relation to writing, she knows where her story needs to go, but every time she writes, she’s stopped by how imperfect it all looks and edits one sentence over and over again before finally just deleting it. The process that goes on in my head is often just like this, when I’m trying to speak.

A handful of my other friends have played an extremely large part in teaching me a lesson of utmost importance;

If you do not begin, you will never finish. If you don’t take the first step, you will never leave a mark.

Sure, there is some thought needed, but action must be put to it as well, otherwise all this thinking is useless. However, once some thought is put in, action or words, or perhaps both need to slide in alongside the thought and move forward, especially if the words, spoken or written will be observed by someone you know and trust, surely there will be editing or explaining to be done, but without the beginning, what use are those words inside your head, inside of mine? So I urge you along with myself, begin with a rough draft, lay the foundation and skeleton, elaboration and editing will be needed later on, but begin with a rough draft, or else you’ll just have a blank page and silence.

~Tori Lynn

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