Slips Away

A distant call rings in my ears, a cry of anger mixed thoroughly with anguish. It seems so distant, yet not so far that it may be forgotten. Reaching out, I grasp at it, a hope, another chance to make it right. Alas, it slips away as a silky foam through my fingers, an image disarrayed.

Those eyes, built up with pain and confusion slip away into cascades of hot tears, melting the mask which hides them from the world. I’ve seen behind the facade, and what lies there rips my heart to shreds- not because of harm it has done to me, but because it dwells in those eyes, eating their bearer alive, slowly killing, all along twisting deciet, that they aren’t really dying.

Small words slip from my heart, only hope remains. In but a moment, no more, the image has slipped away once again.

No more, it’s passed away, naught I can do but hope and pray.


One thought on “Slips Away

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    i really enjoy your writing. Love, Nonny

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