Esther’s Light

Here I am, sitting outside as the sun begins to seep lazily below the horizon. Alas, I cannot watch the sunset, for houses and trees block my view ever so greatly, though the colors are still beautiful cast across the rest of the sky when such a time comes..

However, I find myself in awe of another sight, a lightning bug floating among the trees. This little being is the first of it’s kind that I have seen this year, a little light blinking around, bringing a unique joy to me each time I catch sight of it. If you were to ask me what is so special to me about lightning bugs, I would do one of two possible things.

1. I would stumble over my words, seeming foolish and possibly mutter something along the lines of “no se..”

2. I would elaborately explain the delicate balance of how such a thing reminds me of the beauty of Papi’s creation and His love, this option could take anywhere from ten minutes to endless hours, depending on many factors.

In any case, with the help of some friends, I named this delicate creature “Esther”, the name was quite interesting, a beautiful name indeed, actually.. Also, it was interesting that we chose this name, for I had actually been reading the book of Esther this afternoon, but so it was chosen. The name in Persian means “Star” which is fitting of a firefly in a way.. I recalled after dubbing this particular firefly it’s name, that I was once called by that name by a friend of mine..

In any case, as I continue to write this, my gaze is constantly redirected to the firefly, floating about, shining brightly and vanishing into the darkness once again. In all truth, watching this wavering light, many things cross my mind, swirling thoughts and bittersweet memories alike. I recall that each year, the first night whence we caught fireflies marked the beginning of summer to me- regardless if everyone else retained the habit of calling it spring.

I suppose, I shall leave this post with two thoughts, for I really should be getting to my stories now-

The firefly, while it has an amazing light and journey is wavering and imperfect, while our Creator and loving Father’s light never fades, nor does His love.

Treasure something when it is with you if you long for it when it is away, do not take anything or anyone for granted.

~Tori Lynn

2 thoughts on “Esther’s Light

  1. Elaine Wiles says:

    I enjoyed this one, it made me take a trip down memory lane and time I spent with my grandparents. especially my grandmother, Vallie “Esther” Blevins Johnson. She was a beaming light to me. A quiet woman with a gentle nature. Sitting on the porch holding a jar while I caught firefly s. I spent most of the summer’s with Papa and Grandma. And I am so glad that at the end of her life I was there to help care for her. As I know you know she had dementia also. The Lord blessed me with degree in nursing so that helped things allot. I have never used that degree except caring for people in my life. So I guess sometimes God gives us a gift but we find out we will be using that gift in a way we had not thought of. Now it is time for my Mom and your Grandmother, cherish her while she still knows you. For the last year of Grandma’s life she called me Retha. And thank you again for causing me to take pause and reflect on those days with her. She was kind, gentle caring and loving. I never heard her speak ill of anyone. A unique and beautiful person. elaine

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