Wordless Speech

For a little over two weeks now, I have been practicing guitar, for a little over a week I have been blessed to have one to practice on. The sound it makes is beautiful as I run my fingers across the strings. I only know about three songs and a few chords so far, my fingers aren’t quite strong enough to play even those right, but it’s still beautiful…

Each strum brings out words that cannot be spoken, every chord shows life in a new way, the melodies breath life in a new and beautiful way.. I’ve heard people say things like this about music before, and I don’t suppose I ever truly doubted them, but there’s nothing like feeling it in your own fingers. Like a unique heartbeat in your arms, an extension of your own outlook on life flowing out in a beautiful sound for the world to hear.

I’m only a beginner, everything I know was taught to me by my little brother and one of my best friends ever. I hope to learn more soon, I love it.. My fingers are sore at the end of every day and my guitar calls gently to me throughout the day. Even before I began playing I had been watching those who play music with passion. It amazed me to no end, for each it was unique and few had a deep, wonderful passion, and that I love observing.. It is a way of understanding deeply.. Relating what cannot be said, so many amazing things incomprehensible. Wordless speech, conveyed through every string, beauty unfolding… Music..



2 thoughts on “Wordless Speech

  1. Mike Zaremba says:

    I play the guitar!. Have been for almost 6-7 years now!. It is really hard getting use to a guitar and playing it!. But keep at it and you’ll do great things with it!. Making music with anything is a magical experience, hope yuo have fun with it!.

  2. Elaine Wiless says:

    A wise man once told me someone that can play a musical instrument is never unhappy for long. Keep the music flowing.

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