Through the Storm -7

Part 7

Nikyla swallowed- almost choking on her bread. “Ezekai!” Adara was already by his side checking his breathing by the time she stumbled over. “Is he okay, Adara?! Is he going to be okay?” Adara made a strange face and shook her head. “What? I just want to know how he is!” Nikyla tried to slow her breathing, but just looking at Ezekai spiked her pulse. His soft brown hair clung to his forehead and the back of his neck, drenched in sweat. Adara was looking around the room, eyebrows raised. Her black hair flickered ever so slightly red in the light from the pools. “What is it?” Adara continued to scan the cavern, ignoring Nikyla’s remarks. Nikyla groaned and collapsed to the floor beside Ezekai once again. He looked funny, all conked out. Thinking back, she couldn’t recall seeing him this vulnerable in all the time she’d known him. A thought crossed her mind, that in other circumstances she may have enjoyed this triumph, but pranks rarely brought the group anything but tense nerves anymore. Nikyla sighed and tugged at Adara’s jacket gently, “What’s going on?” Adara paused and drew her grey jacket tightly around her arms, “Do you see Maeko anywhere?” Niklya scanned the cave, no sign of him. “Did he go off by himself?” She strained to see down the nearest tunnel, but it was just dark. Anything far away from the strange pool of water was dark. She huffed and looked back to Adara who had grown oddly silent. “Adara?” She simply stared at the Window of Death. “Why aren’t you listening to me?!” Adara ran her fingers through Ezekai’s hair and checked his breathing, this only infuriated Nikyla more. “What’s going on?” At last Adara sighed and turned to her, “I think Maeko went after Nyla.. and Ezekai tried to stop him.”

Nitza groaned and pulled the blanket off her head, it was no use trying to sleep with all this ra- Her thoughts stopped along with her heartbeat for a second at the sight near the door. “Ezekai!” She was up and running in an instant, alas, she tripped over the food bag and fell flat on her face. A hand extended in front of her face, as she took it, the being it belonged to pulled her up- Connell. “Having troubles, miss? Whatever has befallen Ezekai that you misplaced your step so, if I may ask?” Nitza sighed and pointed to his limp form before taking off after him again. She slid on her knees right up to his side and took his hand. Adara was preoccupied staring out the window, Nikyla seemed to be checking his pulse. Nitza looked back, Connell was cleaning up the mess she’d made of the food, what little food there was. She turned back to Ezekai, he would be alright, he had to be.. She ran her fingers through his hair and wondered where Maeko and Nyla had gone off to.

Maeko crawled along the ledge, running his hands along the ground with every move. It seemed larger now that he could not see than it had the day before, or however many days before it was that they first climbed this forsaken cliff. Nikyla’s stone shone brightly from just outside the cave entrance, as long as the idiots inside didn’t move it he could easily find his way back. He paused and coughed into the cloth around the lower half of his face, the ashes were getting into his lungs even through the cloth. He wanted to call out, but with every breath his throat felt like it was closing up tighter. His hand touched something soft in contrast to the stone ledge. Nyla. The blanket was caked in soot from the feel of it, he still couldn’t see a thing through the haze. It was as if specs of grey and black were crawling over his eyes, over his entire face, in his lungs. The coughing came over him again, he had to clench his stomach until it ceased. When they subsided at last, he felt over the blanket until it rose over a warm lump. The lump groaned and slapped him.

Adara paced in front of the cave entrance, back and forth, towards Connell and away from him. He simply stood there, studying her movements or looking to the pool that shone as brightly as it had that day many years ago. Adara smiled at the memory, Timothy had discovered the chest in one of the left tunnels earlier that day. After much insisting, he managed to convince her to try them on. She slipped one of them, a white and sleeveless summer dress that came just to her knees over her shorts. Timothy’s face when she returned to the front room was priceless, his mouth hung open as the light from the water danced on their faces. When he managed to close his mouth, he had swallowed and stepped towards her, his blond hair whipped by a small breeze down one of the tunnels. “Will you dance away with me?” She recalled taking his hands as he spun her around, it had been their only dance, but she’d never forget it. If only he were with us now, he would know what to do.. Her thought was interrupted when she tripped over Connell by pacing a little too far towards him. “My apologies, I was, in another world.” He smiled back, “Did your other world give you any ideas?” Adara shook her head, “Not without him here. We’ll just have to wait till they come back.” Connell rubbed his chin and looked at the entrance again. The only way to pick it out from the walls now was how much darker it was, almost a void in the light. “Have we tried calling to them?” “Calling them?” Adara looked out into the void again, “No, we haven’t called for them in a while now.” Connell grinned and stepped towards Nikyla and Nitza, who were still bent over the fallen Ezekai. He placed a hand on each of their shoulders. “We’ll need our loudest voices, will we not?”

Cry out and perhaps, perhaps they will hear your call and come home at last..

~Tori Lynn

To be continued here..


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