What do you expect of me?

Hm? Isn’t that something we all wonder, what’s truly expected of us? Perhaps you wonder what your friends expect, your parents, your leaders, teachers, siblings, or that special person in your life, or maybe just God. Either way, we find ourselves wondering what those expectations are..

Some expectations, those of peers and often even those of family or friends can be harmful. Why? Because we try to meet them, many of us find ourselves at least at some point following the lowest expectations, they expect us to fail, so we do. Or perhaps they expect us to believe every lie they toss out like a starving child for some sort of hope, even false. Perhaps they expect that because we often do.. They expect us to reach higher than we can and shun us when we aren’t there yet, some of them lift us higher than we’re ready for, our lungs aren’t ready for that air quite yet.

I’ve wondered about expectations all my life, perhaps the ones I figured were there, that others had placed on me- perhaps they were simply my own expectations. Even the best meaning expectations can be translated wrong, or perhaps just knowing they’re expected of you makes it more difficult. The worst of all would be the expectation of failure, oftentimes.. Many of us, no matter who we are are looked down upon for many reasons by many people. Not even always people who think their expectations are harsh or unfair, sometimes they think they’re doing best. Sometimes they are, often they aren’t.

Perhaps the only expectations that truly matter, are those of the One who is perfect, the One who knows all and sees all, who loves us more than we could imagine, who not only knows what is best, but how it has to happen in every single complicated and intricate detail. Life isn’t simple, but perhaps it would be simpler if we would truly only look to His expectations?

Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

Expect more? Expect less? Perhaps instead of expecting, we should love, love and guide, encourage and lift up. Tis a thought. It’s not an easy thing to do, letting go of expectations, even letting go of those that others hold you to. I’m not saying we shouldn’t strive for better, for being all God wants us to be, no, of course not. I am speaking of those expectations that hold us back, like chains of fear. Fear that we aren’t what someone wants us to be.. Fear that we’ll never be better than they said we’d be. He knows what we need, and He will be with us always. Always.. It’s not as simple as deciding that expectations don’t matter though, one has to have true love, His life in them to truly be free. Love, tis a wonderful thing..



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