Road Signs

Whilst driving down the road today on 540, I found myself looking for the speed limit. Why? For certain.. To know for certain. Surely I knew good and well what it was posted as, but my mind continued to slip, wondering. I knew I should be driving 65, somehow I knew this, but I still wished to know. After a while of pondering this, I noticed a sign coming up, “Speed limit 65. ” I relaxed and sighed calmly. A thought passed through my mind…

We often know the truth, the direction, the speed we should be going- but sometimes little reminders are sweet and relaxing.

So long as we don’t rely on them completely, so long as we truly know, they are quite relieving to have.. Little sweet reminders that we are doing the right thing…

Fairly simple, but something that has been on my mind, something to consider further…

If we are to follow these ‘speed limits’ of life, perhaps we just remember and stick to the direction and speed, instead of questioning it when time goes by without another sign. Eh? Tis a thought..



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