From Here

At this moment, I have a question for you, while there are many things I could ask, and the other questions are perhaps of equal importance, at this very moment I wish to ask you this. Perhaps you need it,, I know I have needed it -continue to need it every day..

What is it you want God to do in you…?

Not for you, not through you, *in* you.

I ask myself this question fairly often now, to keep the planks out of my own eyes, to let Him work out whatever kinks I come across, when He brings them to light. It would seem that every time He brings me through one struggle, a little bit stronger, a new one awaits me.

Sometimes it’s like one of those *really* good video games, each time you beat the next level or boss, once you’ve gotten stronger, you’re presented with another challenge. I love it. Sometimes when I talk to God, when things get confusing, I can almost feel Him smiling, because He knows that I love living for Him, following Him. There are so many wonderful things ahead, even if they can be confusing, He knows best, and as long as I have faith to follow His lead without thinking twice or looking back it will all work out. As a dear friend reminded me, there is no way it could go wrong in those circumstances.

Sometimes I find myself melting into peals of laughter from sheer joy and wonder at how amazing He is.. This past weekend was Acquire the Fire (aka ATF) and I must say it was an astounding event.. Sure, there were fakers, there almost always are, but they were a minority at this event. Thousands of teenagers worshiping God wholeheartedly.. It was something I could not explain in words, I learned many things, but I will not simply lay them out for you, instead I will live them, or “be the mission”. Normal is not enough, that was the theme, as some would call it. I’m not normal, never will be. Little pieces will probably work their way into my thoughts and my speech over time, instead of simply summing it up, I will be what I’ve learned. This is where we go from here. Only a small handful of those I know were there, none of them experienced what I did, I didn’t experience what they did. Part of my experience was seeing them reach out to God, the ones I knew as well as the ones you could call strangers. Regardless if you’d call them a stranger or not, I knew them, because in worship, we were together, because we love our God and we want to praise Him, because we want to follow Him wherever He leads.

We are called to be freaks in this world…

“Sit enthroned upon my heart with everything You are come live Your life in me, reign supremely I’m not just giving You my sin but everything within come take control and make me holy” -Sit Enthroned ~School of Worship



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