These Words

A soft whisper flows down the streets, each word gently building on the last.
They whir together and envelope every soul they cross in a beautiful embrace.
Saturated in love, the words pass from person to person, longing to reach another.
These words spark to life from their origin,  they bleed tears as they run.
As the tears are passed on through the words that live, they thrive.
Comforting one another, the words build into stories as they gather together in a tight embrace.

And this is what they whisper to you, My loved one, I will never lose you. I will never give up on you nor let you fall. They cry out, I can’t take another step alone. Carry me on or leave me to die. They scream, Can you hear me? Am I alone in this massively swelling crowd? 

These words melt together and form something beautiful, as each soul passes them on, as the words are exchanged and every heart bleeds the tears. They cry out to be heard, longing to reach past the boundaries. Some of them pass by without penetrating a heart, for the hearts have built up walls of lies to keep the words out, “You do not matter to me” these lies state. The words fall away sometimes, these walls are dark and discouraging, but the words form together, more words build on each other, giving strength to one another, hoping to carefully penetrate the walls. A willing soul grips the words out of the air and carries out their purpose as she strides towards one with a wall. The words lift her arm to his shoulder and he looks up. His wall glistens so, causing determination to course through them with purpose. They direct her eyes to his, and plunge forward as she pulls him into a tight embrace. “You are so much more than worthless,” she whispers. “So much more.” The words flow freely through the ruins of his wall, for it no longer exists, shouts of joy echo through the cobblestone streets, against the brick alley walls. The lies can be broken! The words carry on in joy, breaking through the walls of lies as the souls unite together.

He smiles down on us, at the words set in motion, for with these words, with this love, we understand the power that we hold. Alone, these words mean little. How much more do words from another mean, that words you whisper to yourself? What lies can our words break through? What shattered souls can be lifted up? This is our hope.

This, is why I write.



4 thoughts on “These Words

  1. pajamaed says:

    This, is why you’re awesome. That was simply amazing. I can’t think of any way to make that sound smart or scholarly. ~pajamaed (but you know who I am)

  2. Alexandra says:

    This is AMAZING!!! It was one of the best blog posts I have read! It was so awe-inspiring that I want to share it with the entire planet! Keep writing on!!!

  3. pajamaed says:

    Reblogged this on The Existence Of A Teenager and commented:
    This is amazing.

  4. Mike says:

    So awesome…I loved this…Really well written too…I related to this so much…Good job!. 😀

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