As an assignment for writing class, I wrote four short stories, incredibly short ones in four different perspectives. First person, second person, third person and multiple third persons. By request I am sharing these stories here, feedback would be great. 🙂


I stepped into the fog without a single thought, the past four years were not in
vain when it came to clearing my mind. Thoughtless, I stepped forward, the only
thought I permitted was to count my steps, this was a safe thought so I welcomed
it. I had made it to twenty-three when the cold stone below my feet gave way and
I felt my hair flying above my head, my shirt being whipped by the opposing
wind. I now allowed myself to think of the wind as it caressed my face without
abandon. It was then that my body hit the icy water and I allowed my eyes to
open again. Thoughts beat at the doors of my mind as I swam to shore, but I
refused to look up. My knee made contact with the grimy sand before my hands
did. I reached down and pushed myself up to standing, I let the water wash the
sand off my fingers and only then did I look up. All the training in the world
couldn’t have prepared me for what met my eyes in that moment.


As you look into this world you will have to think without abandon. You wonder
why this is, but the book in your hands reminds you of why you have made it this
far. Without the knowledge it possesses, you have nothing. Without it’s
guidance, you will die. Not only will you die, but you will call for death long
before you reach it. One wrong step, one slipped word, even the slightest change
in your expression will bring your doom. One of the children walk up to you but
you can’t quite make out what his intentions are until he takes your free hand
and tugs sharply. The slightest amount of pain works it’s way up your arm, but
you follow the boy into the tunnel hoping your life will be spared.


Thomas gripped her by the shoulders and drew quickly drew her into his arms.
“It’s only a matter of time.” His heart raced as he whispered to her. “I will
pass the tests and I will be back for you, Grace.” He watched her nod, a tear
slipping from her left eye. Wiping away the tear, he stepped back and turned.
Her hand caught his before he could step away. “I will be waiting for you,
always.” She brought his palm up her lips and pressed it against them gently
before releasing his hand. As he ran, he clenched his fist tightly as if he
could hold onto her in this way, but he knew there was only way to ever hold her
again. He had to succeed.


Katrina’s heartbeat accelerated at such a rate that she began to fear the
resounding thuds could be heard by the boy only inches from her face. His
fingers felt warm as they practically molded into her own hand and for the first
time since this insane mess began, she felt safe. She opened her mouth to speak,
but he shook his head and smiled, his brown curls sweeping across his face with
every movement.

“Why do you shake so?” Justin squeezed Katrina’s hand slightly and looked
directly into her eyes. His mind drifted to the past week, her face barely
exhibited the scars, her hair was neatly cut so that the torn areas complemented
her soft face perfectly, it was as if it had never happened. He kissed her on
the forehead and smiled. It had happened, and the fact that it had made this
moment possible. He drew back and let his eyes catch hers again, like little
blue pools glimmering with secrets, secrets that they now shared for the rest of



2 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. Nicholas Lobo says:

    Whence did your inspiration come for each of these stories, if you don’t mind my asking…?

    • Tori Lynn says:

      Nay, I don’t mind. The first came almost as a dream, along with my thoughts of life and it’s changes as of recent especially. Putting my trust in God in every way possible, so to speak..

      The second, I’m not entirely sure. If I ever recall the inspiration, I shall email you.

      The third and fourth shared similar inspiration, whilst reading about Love, especially in the Bible.. These are certain portrayals of it that come to mind.. That is a mere bit of the inspiration for those, however..

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