A New Journey

In the moment that everything changes, my God stays the same, with me through it all. Every step I take from here on out will be different, each moment will mean more than it did before.

I do not know what is before me, I do not know where this leads, but I am certain that He is with me, always. I do not deserve the path on which He leads me, I’ve fallen short so many times. This journey is exciting and strange, to where does it take me? With every step, more is revealed. To where does this path lead us? I am deeply excited to find out, filled with joyous wonderings and warm thoughts. As if discovering a new world, I mull over everything carefully, the smallest of details seem so vibrant and prominent. There is so much more to learn, I see now. As I twirl through this mysterious jungle, I realize that I haven’t discovered nearly half of what awaits me. Adrenaline shoots through my veins and sends me off flying as a laugh of pure joy ripples from somewhere deep within me.

As I cast off on this strange sea, I pray that you will take this journey with me. For everything we encounter will be new, this adventure will surely not be without challenges, but God has blessed me with such friends and family, we shall never be alone. Life speeds by, whooshing past us and sometimes causing us to fall over from the sheer force of the wind. Hold onto me as I cling to Him, together the lot of us will stand strong against anything and everything. Always. Remember this, the best is yet to come. Stand strong in faith and you will see. Cling to love and hope, it will be more than worth it. The future looks bright, we must press forward but I am already flying. Don’t be afraid, it shall be wondrous.



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