Mushrooms and Umbrellas

I have come across a new thought, a way of understanding the way things work within this thing called a mind. Have you ever looked at a mushroom, and noticed how it looks sort of like an umbrella? Of course! If not, well… I don’t know what to say to that. But on the contrary, have you ever looked at an umbrella and thought it resembled the mushroom? I’m sure someone besides me has, even if only one person. This may seem like babble and perhaps it is, but is has become of great meaning to me, especially as of late. Relation: Have you ever wondered if the umbrella itself was inspired by the lowly mushroom? I have, many a time. Perhaps I will never know for sure, perhaps one day I shall dig up a sentimental thought from those who wish to keep dry. Regardless, they have a similar build and it makes sense! Take for example an awning, to me it resembles shelf mushrooms, or fungi, whatever you prefer to call it by.

Now, I did not end this thought with mushrooms and umbrellas of course, because even with the amazing-ness that may hold in my mind, I’m not sure it would do anyone else any good. Seeing something else done right tends to help one at a loss understand this very thing.  Perhaps it shall never be admitted, but at a loss of how to construct portable shelter, even unconsciously the image of the mushroom probably crossed the very inventor’s mind. I’ve learned quite a bit the last couple weeks, looking at all kids of mushrooms and umbrellas (figuratively) in life. Such simple comparisons explain complex misunderstandings. Whilst letting this thoughts whir around in my head, I have come to realize how much they mean to story telling. In essence, a story teller is to capture the structure of a certain “mushroom” and with that image in front of them, create an umbrella. Perhaps this is a long and complicated way of saying something quite simple, but then again one must never neglect the words necessary for understanding. Now, I’m off to wander among the mushrooms once again.


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