Wondering Wanderings

Revelry just doesn’t sound right without at least 5 or 6 moans thrown in with the shrill melody.


Something I’ve had quite a bit of time for is thought. When writing Japanese lettering, my mind often wanders, especially when I begin to recognize their meanings and sounds. There’s something sweet about the aching of a hungry stomach, being able to tell it to wait. After all, the adventurers live on less and do more. My mind floats in a soft reverie as it drifts on. Searching the night sky for the moon can become vexatious after many nights of not seeing it, but don’t lose hope, for it shall return again. Every path winds on in different directions, some will meet again within a few miles while others won’t meet for scores and hundreds of them, perhaps even more for they roll over the hilltops beyond sight through the soupy fog. I do not stand still because I enjoy being stationary, but because it is not quite time to move forward. Moving on to another place at this time would be stepping off the dock before your boat arrives to whisk you away. No doubt if you can swim, you will survive the plunge, you’ll likely make it out in time for your boat anyhow, you’ll just end up sopping wet, losing most of your supplies. In which case you must wait on the dock, watching the seas roll on and on without you. A rather intriguing sight it is, it is up to the gazer to notice it. Staring at your thumbs is something you can do no matter where you are, but gazing at the true beauty will only last for a second, because every second you’re seeing a different part of it. Whilst waiting, do not forsake nor neglect what is around. If we were all to do that, we would not be worthy of arriving at our destination, for our journey was wasted on idle time.



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