Christmas-New Years


This next week consists of the very last days of 2011. This year has perhaps been the quickest most different year of my life. I’ve made many a new friends to the point where I couldn’t even list them all, I’ve lost a couple as well.. Be heard. What was 2011 for you? What did you learn?
I’ve learned more and more about love and faith and much about patience and trusting God. Waiting. This has been a year of waiting. This next week I will hardly leave my house until new years eve as far as I’ve been told, so what can I do, for a big final shout? I plan to work on the story I’ve selected to share with you all, but what else? I’ve been thoroughly blessed this year and I hope you all have been as well. Perhaps a couple more beautiful park days lie in wait. Perhaps I will meet a new friend before the week is over. What do you hope for this week? I’ve been nostalgically looking through old posts. Maybe I’ll select a few to showcase that aren’t junk. I’ve realized how much of my story lies behind these words, and with just short of 4,000 views I am honored that you all take your time to read my word blood, so to speak.. Thank you greatly.

Peace, joy and hope to you all. ~Tori


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