No, Christmas is not the day Jesus was born, (though we celebrate it then) no, Christmas is not about shopping, santa, or greed. Or maybe it is. Greed. What a symbol of what Christmas is..

Christ came to this earth, sent by the Father, to redeem us of the sins we committed against Him. Jesus came here, to not only die, but live a sinless life with us… and now, when the celebration of His descent to earth as a child comes, we’re all so caught up in what Christmas is that we totally miss it. He gave us a gift, the best gift we could have ever asked for, more than we deserve, that gift that’s so perfect we never would have thought of it, or maybe we were just too ashamed to ask. Too ashamed to want what we don’t deserve. But He gave it to us, nonetheless. And what do we do? We waste it. So many of those, who have accepted this gift of life, squander it. We forget it, tossing it in a pile of unused gifts that came with it, such as compassion, mercy, love, friendship, forgiveness, freedom…

I’m going to be bold and assume that Christmas is about receiving. We were given the greatest gift of all time. Will you keep wasting it? Are you wasting it? Did you forget about it somewhere in the back of the closet in your head? We can’t give anything we haven’t been given. Part of receiving this gift, is learning to love, and in that we will give. Don’t just remember what Christmas is about, don’t just smile and SAY “Merry Christmas”, love. Give your life, for it was given to you. Use the gift you were given. Yes, by all means give gifts, but know that you could not be giving them, had you not been given them. Do not withhold your gifts, when you could be helping someone else. I still find it amazing, how much the smallest things can mean to one… Be a blessing to someone this year, someone who has no ability to bless you back. Most probably won’t even read this before Christmas, being that everyone is busy, but this isn’t just a Christmas thing. Use Christmas as a reminder. By giving, you receive the greatest gift of all.

Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for taking some of your time to read this, it means a lot to me. I love you all.



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