Thanksgiving is coming up, and normally everyone says they sit down and ponder what they’re thankful for. But why wait? Why do most only do this on Thanksgiving? There is so much to be thankful for, but many things we should be, we don’t even think about.

I could run your eyes off with a list of a bajillion things I’m thankful for everyday, or even the list that is coming to mind as I type these words, but I won’t. Instead, I will take an excerpt from something I’m writing and show it to you. Perhaps it will make you think, it sure caused me to.

Funny thing about writing, your characters will sometimes speak the words you aren’t able to find for yourself….

“…And when all else is lost, fading into nothing, I will close my eyes and recall the times we had, remember what your embrace felt like, see the warmth in your eyes, and then, then I will find joy above all else, for I have been blessed to know you, and even more to call you my friend.”
And now I will return to my stories, but I simply had to share this with you all. Thank you dearly for taking time to read this, I am thankful for you as well.
~Tori Lynn

One thought on “Thankfulness

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    …and my darling dear, I am so thankful for you and who you are….see you tomorrow. Lots of love, Nonny

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