Hey Lucy

Last night, at the North Carolina state fair, I saw Skillet with two dear friends. The fair always brings a unique thrill, especially for a writer who greatly enjoys people watching. Seeing Skillet is an amazing experience;

But this time, it was very different. I’ve seen them live all of twice so far, but I plan to increase that number over time. The music was deep, as always, John was fired up, the crowd was interacting, screaming, hurting our necks and losing our voices.

Quite a good bit into the concert, Korey began playing the keyboard softly. My mind shifted and a small pool of tears gathered under my eyes. When John spoke the first words of the song, my heart began to ache with something I’ve never felt so deeply.

“Hey Lucy I remember your name, I left a dozen roses on your grave today I’m in the grass on me knees wipe the leaves away I just came to talk for awhile got some things I need to say

Now that it’s over I just wanna hold her”

My heart cried out with such a pain that I couldn’t stand any longer. Had Vick’s arm not been around me, I would have dropped to the floor that very moment. Streams of tears flowed from my eyes as each note was played, as I shouted every word of the song along with hundreds, possibly thousands of others.

The heart of the song, is about a couple who had an abortion and later regretted it immensely. They named the passed child Lucy, and this is what the song was written about. I’ve always been deeply touched by abortion stories, but for the first time in my life, at least to this extent, I could not contain the overwhelming sense of empathy.. It was as if my heart were bursting, the pain in this song, behind these words is greatly immense, as is the message running deeper than our lifeblood.

“Here we are, now you’re in my arms I never wanted anything so bad Here we are for a brand new start Living the life that we could’ve had

Me and Lucy walking hand in hand Me and Lucy never wanna end Just another moment in your eyes I’ll see you in another life in Heaven Where we never say goodbye”

Well before the end of the song, my face was soaked. I’ve heard that song a thousand times, and it never has been so deep for me before, nowhere near it. Even now, the contemplation of it has grown deeper, this song and the story with it will be forever embedded within my heart.

Life is a precious thing. Love is a precious thing. It saddens me deeply, how rarely people realize this. There are fights, misunderstandings, separations, and some people just forget what these two things mean. My thoughts on the matter are incomplete, but I doubt they shall fade any time soon.

Thank you, Skillet and all members of your production, for making such an impact in this way, thank you Vick and Ryan for taking me to the fair to see them, and most of all, thank you my God, Elyon, Jesus Christ, for giving me this life.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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