Extreme Wonderment

Running. I ran as fast as I could.  A force was dragging me towards the church building so dear to me, one part of the force was how terribly close I was to late, another was the usual drive to be here, and the last part was completely unknown.

Dashing up the stairs on the loading dock, I pulled on the handle to no avail. Turning, I saw Allison opening the door to the children’s hall. I ran in, almost running her and Kalee over. They had a suspicious look about them, but I was unable to comprehend it. Why are they out here? It’s past time to be in the warehouse… As I opened my mouth to ask, Allison said they had a surprise for me. Kalee wasn’t too happy that Allison had told me this, but my eyes were covered and I was pushed through the warehouse doors.

When my eyes were uncovered, I looked around. The sensation that I was missing something washed over me like a tidal wave as my eyes surveyed the front area. Our desk was in place, computers running, the little grey welcome desk was covered in the little clipboards that newcomers fill out, the black floor spread out, no one had spilled anything, there were no odd decorations up, everything seemed to be right… Then my heart stopped.

In a moment of complete awestruckness, gratefulness and pure joy, I ran. A waterfall cascaded within me. Tis a beautiful thing, as time passes, as friends are separated, when the right time comes, when God’s time comes, everything is right. There are times when we wish for things, but are not ready for them. There are times that we pray for things, that we aren’t ready to handle, and there are times when we wait for things waving in our faces. Though, there are those times, when a smile spreads across one’s face with complete knowledge that *this* is Gods’ timing. The surreal feeling of at last, at last….

I ran, with a mix of shouting, squealing and stuttering “You..you’re here!” Jumping, I hugged my dear friend Jordan tightly, if it were any of my other friends they probably would have tripped and fallen over. Being probably one of the most difficult people I know to surprise, this meant more to me than anyone but God alone could have known.

I simply adore how He works things out. The people we grow close to, the people’s lives that we touch, the glory we’re able to bring to Him, the ways He brings us complete indescribable joy, He’s simply amazing.

I was so struck with joy that I found myself tripping over everything I said. Seeing dear friends for the first time in so long never fails to excite me. Perhaps I am not alone in this, regardless I am grateful for it and humbled. But when someone has made such an impact in your life, and meant so much to you, seeing them, whether again or for the first time, is too astoundingly beautiful for words. To learn what love truly is, two must be tested. Love isn’t romantic affection, that is but one form of it. Love, is what binds us together through His perfect love. Love is an action, a choice even.

Perhaps the best part of saying goodbye, is the joy that comes in seeing them again, after God uses time and distance to strengthen the relationship. There are many people dear to me, that I rarely see, and I look greatly forward to seeing every one of you.

Perhaps the very best part of saying farewell, is knowing there will be a hello, someday. Someday SOON.

Just a moment and you’re here
Only a moment to awaken my heart
Remember the struggles? Remember the joy?
Don’t forget where He’s brought us from
Against all odds, our friendship’s grown strong
Never forget how much you mean to me.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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