Bryan’s Adventure

You see, I was reading Bryan’s journal the other day (We’re close enough that he lets me) and I found the documentation of his summer adventures. Reading these entries rather disturbed me, in fact I was utterly shocked with lack of remembrance of the recorded events. I turned to Bryan and held him close, it was good to have him back home where he belonged, I never know when he’ll embark on another journey. With his expressed permissions, I have copied a segment of his journal onto this post so you may marvel at it if you wish.

The Travel’s of Bryan;

It was a Wednesday like any other, I watched Tori pack up her things and I held her favorite notebook. I love that notebook, it holds ink well and shimmers ever so slightly in the sunlight, though it is rarely exposed to those rays. The car ride was uneventful and I stayed in my place. After what seemed an eternity, the car doors opened and I peeped out. The church was in sight, I leaped in excitement, but my motion was so subtle it went unnoticed. The warehouse was dark, as always. I clung tightly to my notebook, Tori’s rather, as we entered. I sat down with her bag behind the desk and waited as she greeted the oncoming flow of people. Perhaps forty-five minutes passed before we journeyed to the bleachers in front of which praise and worship was led. I rather enjoy listening to it, tis a beautiful thing, but due to my immobility I could not participate. Instead, I spectate, awestruck. After four songs, Tori returned  and took my notebook. I sat down with the bag again, knowing that I would not be of service so long as those fancy liquid pens lasted. Sure enough, she favored one of them. I figured this would be the last of the service I would see, but someone behind her asked for a pen. Since I was handy, I was passed on. While I would rather be writing for Tori, it was just as well to be writing again. After a good long message, I was ready to return to the bag and go back home. Perhaps even a journal entry or two before bed. Just as I was hoping this, the girl who I had been writing for tossed me into the blue plastic bucket. Tori didn’t even notice as I was thrown in with the other pens, cheap ones too. Half of them didn’t work at the time. Over the period of a month or so I was passed around and used by various church leaders, one time I even assisted the youth leader in filling a check list! A while later, Tori’s friend Kalee picked me up. She was taking notes and in need of a pen. I suppose she noted that I did not belong with the inferior pens and she kept me. From there on I stayed with Kalee, which was very nice. All her pens were inferior to me, so I was not replaced by fancy liquid pens, though I did miss Tori’s writing. Kalee wrote stories too, not near as often, but they were nice. Then one day, she packed me tight in a backpack. We were off to Costa Rica!  To tell you about the entire trip would take ages, but the highlight of it would have to be serving as an agent to Isaac, in making signs. I enjoy such memorable work. At last, Tori noticed my absence, but she let me stay with Kalee a few more months until I fell out of her bag at a sleepover. Now I am back at Tori’s house, her liquid pens are running short, and I’m writing again! That is all for now, ~Bryan.

This was the entire entry. I hope this didn’t bore you too greatly, it was just one of those things I had to write. Not exactly the deepest story ever written, but a story just the same. When something as valuable as a pen (to a writer) goes missing, one just feels compelled to fill in the details 🙂

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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