A Beautiful Struggle

The world is hurting. The pain they feel within themselves brings them to lash out drawing blood from those standing near them. They lash out, as wild beasts who have been injured and can’t find the source of their pain. A girl of 19 walks among the crowd wearing a plastic smile and sunglasses. Underneath these, tears roll from her bloodshot eyes that glance in every direction, scared and uncertain. A boy of only 12 can’t bear the pain from his older sister every day, he runs from the pain only to run across broken glass. The boy’s name is Jacob. He slides on to his knees, scraping his shins on the shards and weeps. Jacob’s wails are heard for miles, but the people move on, do they hear him? Are the cries of distress heard?

Perhaps they are, but among so many similar young ones crying out in pain, how could all of them be helped? A woman passing by shrugged him off, muttering “Get up boy, don’t waste our ears with you pity.” An older boy picked up some of the glass shards and heaved them at the boy in anger, “Just shut up, shut up! No one is listening, why must you go on so? Just shut up and move on!” The boy continues to weep, unable to move. The boy kicks more glass at the boy and then joins the mob, flowing through the city, working, buying, living, eating, dying.

A young girl of 14 steps out of the mob. The boy’s cries had reached her ears and she ran for him and embraced him tightly. Jacob wailed in deep anguish before collapsing in the girls arms. She carried him through the crowd, desperate to get him to her Father quickly. “Father,” she called “Help him Father!” A tear slipped down her face as she ran to the mountain. Her name is Talia, and this boy’s cry has shaken her heart. She lay the boy on top of the mountain and cried out to her Father, “Awaken him Father, bring him joy, help me to love him, love him Father, oh love him!” Talia began to weep over Jacob as she sung praises of her Father.

Every day she would return to the mountain where the boy lay and call out to her father for a week. She brought the boy food and water for the times he would awaken. His smile probed deep into her heart on the days he was awake.

After one month of recovery, Jacob was standing upon her return. He wished to go find his sister, and bring her to meet their Father. Talia shook her head, “It is not here one has to meet our Father, He is with us always, but I took you here for your own healing.”

After much pleading and proving that he was fully well, Talia consented to let the boy return down the mountain with her.  At the bottom of the mountain, the mob continued to circle, but Talia and Jacob could see a certain handful moving among the mob, but not flowing with them, Talia pointed these out to Jacob. “These are with us, they know our Father as theirs, we struggle to bring love among the mob, but many have been slaughtered because of this.” Jacob nodded and scanned the crowds. “Looking for you sister?” Talia smiled, “Come on, let’s go find her.”

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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