For this very moment, my mind is jumping from one thing to another with every proclamation from the mouths of the toddlers playing with a puzzle. I have come to a decision of utmost certainty. Lest I be to bold, I shall state it in this way…

If you do not understand this statement, you are not familiar with the writing type. A dungeon is secluded area filled with anything a writer may need during their times of elongated scribbles. For some, this means notebooks and books, pens of all kinds and loads of erasers and pencils, some require small snacks in their dungeons, it is not uncommon to find binders and several scraps and sticky notes, some their best computer, typewriter or even a handheld device, some use variants of all of this and more. There are those who keep their dungeons in mint condition, neatly organized for ease of access and a focused mind, there are others who’s dungeon would look like a bookshelf and printer threw up all over it, and there are moments when each crosses over to the other.

I am by no means a professional writer, in fact I have not even been writing for two whole years quite yet. However, as Josh Old’s has so rightly named his blog; Life Is Story.

Once, I asked a friend of mine, why he doesn’t like to read books. He answered me something along the lines of; “I would rather live my life as a story that someone else would find worthy to write about instead of just reading about other’s lives, ya know?” Up until recently, and even sometimes still, I would ponder that statement, alas, I could not find words of which to write or much less speak a reply at the moment and until now I did not even understand what answer I could give. But now, I realize that the statement above “Life is Story” explains it, and the story behind the name even more. It’s a beautiful thing, indeed.

Perhaps when I get to my dungeon, and name it for that matter, I shall be able to finish one of these other drafts floating in my head. Until then, I leave you with a question to which I greatly desire an answer, and not just one, but many. This, is what I like to call ‘feedback’.

My question to you could have been one of three.

What is love? What is a friend? What is life?

I have come across many discussions on the first, dug through loads of scripture and read many novels (most by Ted Dekker), and lived many situations which led me and my travelling companions in this journey of life to the discovery of that very thing. The second one, can be defined by many reaches. And the last, yes, I just stated time and time again that life is story, but that is not the end to the question. I therefore leave you to ponder this question, you may answer any of the three, or even all of them if you like, but please, say something. I am not asking this for my own benefit, but yours. As well as I shall be working on something along with a friend to which I shall need words that are not simply mine, nor hers in addition to our own. Any form of answer is accepted, so long as you do indeed answer in all honesty. This shall lead to discoveries along the journey. For this, this is our journey.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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