The Most Difficult Element of Writing a Message

Last month at the end of the L(eader)A(ssistant) retreat, we were assigned the task of creating, running, and speaking for one session of twentyfour/7. The prospect excited me by great amounts. Aaron had asked me to do tithes and offerings a few times, but this, this was different. Kalee had looked at me with that “predicted” face, knowing I would react this way, but it was true, I was overjoyed and she had expected me to be so. We planned the service titled “On the Line” based on what we learned on the trip and a couple other things we implemented into the message. Every week in passing excited me more and more. I rewrote the message at least ten times. Corresponding with Kalee and Tyreek as much as possible, the most concerning part to me was that I wouldn’t have time to get to every part of the message, my original draft could have been a four week series and I had some cutting down to do. The points in the message became real to me as I was typing them all up. One day as I was praying over them, I realized that I needed to hear this message just as much as I needed to speak it. That fact bothered me a bit at first, but over time I realized it mattered. God was going to speak to me, even through myself. I wasn’t a bit nervous, until that Wednesday. I woke up with a start. We’re teaching tonight. Invoulentary shivers ran down my spine, with just as much ecstatic anticipation as introverted shakiness. The morning routine was hazy, and we loaded up to go to the pool. We had a fun day, Caleb met us there. Lap swimming got my mind clear for a while, it wasn’t until Caleb left that it dawned on me. Aaron Brown’s voice rang in my head, shouting; “On the line!” Except this time, we weren’t getting on the line to do any exercise, this line was the stage and the challenge was speaking. When we got home I ran over my notes for the second time. It seemed short enough, long enough. “Peace, child” I read through the verses I had written down. Before I knew it, Tyreek was getting on stage, then Kalee. I scribbled notes on a spare page in my notebook while they spoke. By the time Kalee got off stage, I was encouraged by their messages. Kalee was handing me the mic. It was time.

I’ll type up part of the notes later. Thank you.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


One thought on “The Most Difficult Element of Writing a Message

  1. Wanda Scott Adams says:

    Hi Tori,

    I have been reading your blogs and have been so impressed with your writings; You are so talented and have so much to offer. May God continue to bless you for what you are doing to spread His Word to others. You are wise beyond your years.

    Keep up the good work.

    Wand Scott Adams

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