My Dearest.

They were practically alone, on a large granite formation at the north end of the quaint park. It was mid morning, they had been together for two years now, they met here often. She melted in his very presence, he stroked her hair gently and told her she was beautiful. Many people milled about the park, but none of them mattered to her at the moment. They were all distractions. This was their anniversary, the beginning of it. A very special moment. She giggled and whispered that he was wonderful. He said she was worth everything. “I will never desert you, my dearest I will always love you.” She smiled back “And you are my dearest, I will never forsake you. I will always love you.” He held her tight, and she beamed. It wasn’t long before she spotted a friend of hers walking into the park and jumped off of the rock, running as she hit the ground. Pain shot up her left leg. Barefoot, she had trampled a pinecone. She greeted her friend and they began to laugh. Time passed quickly as they strolled about. A couple hours later the friend had to leave, as they hugged farewell it struck the girl that she had left her beloved sitting on the rock. She looked around. No sign of  the rock. Darkness had crept up on her. The entire park was enveloped in it. The lampstand by the street had been busted out by a kid last week. She began to crawl, crying out. “My dearest! Where are you my dearest?” A buzzing came to her ears, it shrieked throughout her mind. She began to moan and weep. Her tears became shrieks as she crawled through the park tearing her legs and hands on pinecones. “I will never desert you, my dearest” A soft whisper spread through her as she touched the rock again. She screamed in lament and stood to run. A warm hand touched her shoulder and she tore away, running blind. She had left him, she had forsaken him, her dearest. Her feet were soaked in blood when they hit the asphalt. Tears streaked down her cheeks as she ran. “I left my dearest…I never meant to forsake you…” She continued to run on. Morning began to break and she was growing tired. Before the sun was all the way above the horizon she collapsed. She could have been there all day, she had ran down a deserted street in the night, she could have died there and no one would have known for months. The sun was beginning to descend again when he lifted her off the street. “I will never leave you or forsake you, you are my dearest.”

For those of you who did not understand the beauty of this, it is but one thing Christ has done for us. This scene came to me one night during praise and worship when I could hear people chatting above the music. This was what came to my mind. He will never leave us or forsake us. Sometimes we slip away by accident, letting Him slip our minds, but instead of going straight back to him, we run, ashamed. He is my dearest, and I will live for Him always. We’ve all run at some point, whether it was before or after really knowing Him. I’m done running. He is my God, He is amazing, He is my dearest.


Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


2 thoughts on “My Dearest.

  1. mom says:

    awesome analogy!

  2. abichica says:

    beautiful.. i love the analogy.. 🙂

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