Swirling Thoughts and Bittersweet Lullabies

If I sailed across the land between us, would you remember my name? When the waves crash down on our sandcastle by the sea will you remember me?

Only time has separated us from the distance drawing together what cannot be lost.

Chin up it’s only a shred of a shadow of the dark birds in passing my darling dear, just believe and it shall pass. It’s not that scary, when you’re not alone.

Your sparkling voice would ripple through my spine, but now it has silenced below the tide. Crystalline eyes, you hid them so well, but their beauty always shone through.

So sweet rewritten the words I thought, about while I was floating through the oak trees. If we climb out of this, we’ll both be alive, alive in His love. Whisper in the wind to me, as we sail away.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn

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