Dream to the sky

I had a dream the other night, quite a while ago. In that dream, a phrase stuck in my mind, even long after I awoke. Thankfully I was able to write it down, for it is something I always wish to remember.

“Don’t be afraid to fly, dream big. If God leads you over a cliff, just believe He’ll grant you the power to fly”

Sometimes I believe we all get so caught up in this thing we call “The real world”, or “reality”. Some of us begin to believe life is dull, painful, repetitive, and even pointless. Most of us refuse to dream anymore. And when I say dream, I don’t mean a new car, or even fantasy life. What you call fantasy most times, is a selfish contorted version of what you have been led to believe is the best.

To be completely honest, it’s hard to find dreamers anymore, real dreamers. They call us optimistic, therefore unrealistic. What is being a dreamer anyhow?

Dreaming is but longing for God’s best for us, and seeing it. Not limiting our faith to the fallen world around us. Aye, the world has been condemned through it’s sin, but we are redeemed in Christ, why would you wish to still live as if you are cursed when you could be blessed? Let your dreams out, let His very best be what you see as your very best. Don’t pretend to know everything, just have faith and follow Him over the cliff. He won’t lead you where you cannot go. How does one achieve such faith? Through Him alone. You can’t expect to hear from God if you don’t read His word, you can’t expect to feel His touch in your life if you aren’t living for Him.

Keep your hopes on Him, believe, shout it out! I believe. Follow our Creator, our redeemer, our savior. Do you ever just let go and experience the wonder of God? Try living in that. Love Him, love others the way He loves you. Be a blessing. Do something impossible.

And now, I sail away, embracing my last moment of being 15. Indeed, a glorious adventure awaits me, and now, now I am finally here.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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