Sing O Child of Mine

So, the next week starting yesterday I’m going to read The Martyr’s Song by Ted Dekker every single night. It’s a short book, but a life changing one. It only takes me about an hour and a half to read each time, and I promise you that it will impact you in a way you never imagined. The first time I read it was on my first flight on the way to Costa Rica this year. Gabby, from whom I borrowed it was sitting behind me. Every chapter or less I would turn around, my mouth gaping open and excitedly shaking the book  “This is amazing!”, she just smiled back at me and said her little smirky line “Predicted” By the end of the book, I was in too much shock to turn around again, so I just held it in awe for most of the remainder of the ride, crying out to God.

I thought that was big, when I read it the second time through last night, I was almost in tears. Todd Agnew wrote a song for the book, after the song mentioned, the Martyr’s song. Every time I hear it, I sing it out, giggling along with the lyrics. Smiling, in awe of my God. Oh how I long for the day when I am finally home, but now, now I worship him with my life.

Until I read this book, I always had trouble understanding beauty fully. I knew what it was to a point before, but I never fully grasped at what my mind was swirling around in a mass of color. Death. Death is beautiful, so why do so many people fear it? I do not fear death in any form or way. “Oh death where is your sting?” Death is when we go home, at last we finally will be home.

Ah, how wonderful our God is, sing praise to His name. Fear not of death, trust in the one who created us. Who are we to doubt He knows what He’s doing? I never understood the prospect of Heaven as a child, or even until super recently. It seemed boring, unattractive. But how? Because it had been dulled to me. No religious answer will truly describe the wonders of our Lord God, don’t let anyone ruin the image for you. The wonders of God’s peace are like nothing you’ve ever seen. He created this world, but this is the world plagued with sin. One day, we will be home. Praise the Lord your God! Live your life now in such a way that you will not be ashamed. Live your life for Him and Him alone, rejoice oh child of God! <4

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Sing O Child of Mine

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    Tori, I love this song…I’ve Been Waiting….it is so true. Lots of love, Nonny

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