My Chains Fell Off My Heart Was Freed….

“Shout to the Lord All the earth let us sing, power and majesty praise to the king! Mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of your name…” <4

Certain worship songs break down any roughness within me, I jump, I belt powerfully and probably much louder than most people around me would like, and I give myself to Him, all that I am is yours Lord. Take me. Tonight during praise and worship I felt like a kid. My heart was beating with excitement, at first the jumping began to make the hot warehouse feel even hotter, until there was a moment, a moment when I felt a cooling sensation and bounds of new energy.

When you’re free, be free. Worship our Lord God with all your everything! He has freed us! Do you know what freedom is? Do you know what it REALLY is? Around the 4th, I was working on a draft about freedom, but I could never shape it up to be what I desired it to be. The basic, soldiers give up their lives to give us this freedom, those of us who have always had it take it for granted. Why? Well, because it has always been granted. Society has a way of scaring us out of the freedom we have, causing us to be socially awkward, convincing us that if we stand out no one will listen. The whole “Be yourself” thing, nobody really listens. An endless vortex sucking the unaware people into it, but they just carry on with mindless existence. Sometimes my heart just aches over the world, our nation, even this small area of North Carolina. So many people walk about in pain, we can see them, we pass by them every day. But we’ve all been taught to suck it up and move on with life. “Fake it till you make it” that only works if you’re actually recovering. Sometimes a good cry on your best friend’s shoulder is all you need. Sometimes you just need someone to hold you close. Sometimes we just need to realize that those people we pass every day are just as real underneath as we are.

In Costa Rica, I came across something, when I asked someone how they were doing, they spilled, everything. I didn’t get a “Good, how are you?”, I got honesty. Behind the terribly fake smiles, we can see brokenness, be honest, most people aren’t as good at hiding it as they think they are, but we just pass them by.

There’s a song, “I refuse” by Josh Wilson. I came across it one day while Kalee and I were talking in her room, I listened to it and it became one of those ‘PERFECT’ songs to me. Instantly.

If you took your time to watch that, I want you to let every part of it sink in to your life. It took a couple months for me, but it’s part of what I live by now. Refuse. Stand out. Be a disciple. Make a Change.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


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