Are you willing?

This past weekend, our wonderful student leaders carted us leadership assistants to the beach with them for initiation. While the physical and mental challenges yielded oh so very much, one of the most amazing moments was one I had in my one on one time with God. One of our quiet times, we were out at a pier-like place, with a small section of marshy beach we could venture out on. I was walking through the edge of the water with my prayer journal, pouring my heart out to God when a little crab snapped at my foot. It stung a little, but not enough to bother me, so I walked a little deeper into the water. Overlooking the sunset, I breathed in the salty air. How can people see this and not believe? How can people believe and not act? “Take me Lord God, all I am is yours.” I whispered over the lapping waves.  “Do you believe?” “I believe” I smiled and giggled. “I love you Tori” “Oh Lord, how I love you” I read Jude, one of my favorite chapters. Completely humbled before Him, yet ecstatic with all He has blessed me with. “How far are you willing to go?” His question was simple. “As far as you take me Lord” I thought about that for a moment, how many are really willing to go where He sends them? How many ignore the call? And now, now I ask you. Are *you* willing? Are you willing to give up all comfort to follow His perfect will? Are you willing to trust that He really does know best? Are you willing to give up anyone and anything in your life? Are you willing to go where He sends you? Are you willing to be an outcast, a freak in this world’s eyes? Are you willing to *really* be different?

During the physical challenges, we were pushed to go further. We were reminded, if you can do this, you can do anything. Breaking the weak mentality is half of succeeding if not more. But first, you must act. Paul didn’t burn out after all he went through, what excuse do we have?

As Ted Dekker put it in Black, “But I’d follow him anywhere. I’d follow him over a cliff, believing that after leaping I’d be able to fly. I’d follow him into the sea, knowing I could breath underwater.” That is how I believe as well.

Live and Believe, Love and Hope, Do Everything You Do For His Glory. ~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Are you willing?

  1. mom says:

    Awesome Tori! And I love the picture!
    Yes, I’m willing too! Need to move past the excuses…

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