As You Teach Me To Pray..

There was a certain line that always caught my attention but I didn’t quite understand until recently. In one of the ways I’ve heard the prayer of salvation, there was a line towards the end “As you teach me how to pray”. I never quite wondered what it meant, but it always stuck out to me. What is prayer after all? Prayer is our line of communication to the One who created us to have a relationship with Him. Why then, do we have trouble praying sometimes? Perhaps prayer has become impersonal, a routine. So many of us come to points in our lives where prayer becomes difficult. I’ve been there, recently and long in the past. Where it’s not that I don’t want to pray, in all honesty, that is what I long to do most in those times, but it just becomes difficult. Not lacking in time, just stuck on my own words that will not come. I was talking to a friend of mine about it, and he said something to me that seems so simple, yet it’s all it took.

“Just let go. Let it come. Slowly. Start and feel the prayer. That’s what I do when I find it hard to pray…”

Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed talking to God more than I ever have. He is truly amazing beyond all words can say. Late last night, before sleep began to crash it’s waves over me, I remembered the times when it was hard to talk to God. I had no peace during those times, I was full of urgency. Now this peace is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever felt. It’s purely beautiful. I was suddenly reminded of a notebook I used to keep, several actually, where I would write things I longed to say to my friends when we were having trouble communicating. I smiled, God is like my very best friend, mentor, counselor, everything, oh He’s everything to me.

I’ve found that sometimes with people I love, I cannot bring myself to verbally say everything I need to. At those times, a letter serves it’s purpose. I can write so much better than I can talk. Have you ever had a good friend spend the night, and talked to them deeply until you fell asleep? Most likely. It’s an amazing thing it is. But it’s nothing compared to falling asleep while talking with Him. Everyone has different ways they best communicate with Him, as we all have different love languages, we have different ways of speaking. Don’t be afraid to try something new, prayer isn’t a task, it’s part of a relationship. When talking to your best friend becomes a task, you don’t enjoy it, and they notice. When talking to your Creator becomes a task to you, do you think He doesn’t notice that as well? He created you to have a relationship with Him, not simply servitude. When I fell asleep the other night, with Port Blue softly playing in the background. I smiled and whispered goodnight. One thing that stuck out to me in my dream that night was a sentence someone told me.

“Don’t be afraid to fly, dream big. If God leads you over a cliff, just believe He’ll grant you the power to fly.”

Sometimes we act as if God is out to get rid of us. As if He’d ask us to do something impossible just to watch us fail. That my friends is the opposite of trust. We are called to trust in and cling to Him with everything in us. If we believe that He doesn’t know best in *one* situation, how can we say we trust Him? Then again, if we believe that He truly loves us, and we know that He is creator over all things, how can we doubt His will in anything? While it is His will, He gives us free will to follow it. What’s love got to do with it? Everything.

Love like our Father loves us. Take a leap of faith, and believe that He will provide you with the skill and strength it takes to land it. Follow His guidance and not your own understanding. He is amazing and will never let you down. <4

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


One thought on “As You Teach Me To Pray..

  1. Elaine Wiles says:

    Hey Tori, I have been reading some of your blogs and you do good writing girl. Keep it up. I have been writing off and on since I was around your age imagine writing all this in long hand!HA But I actually do still write in long hand. There is something about holding a pen in my hand and seeing my own handwriting that helps me. I write allot when I am down so I guess you could say writing is my security blanket. You must be a very good friend and you have to be to have good friends. I have no doubt you will keep your faith, even as you get older and someone tries to talk you out of it, Keep those good friends around. You have a wonderful family, used to keep your mom over nite way back when. So keep those converse shoes laced up and always be yourself, dress the way that makes you happy and stand up for what you believe, and if you find you are wrong about something always be big enough to admit it, you can not be true to anyone else if you are not true to yourself.
    Lots of love and LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!

    PS that has been my byline from before you were born.
    your eccentric cousin in the foothills
    I have been called eccentric for so long I finally embrace it.
    Like the old saying goes: in the south every family has it’s crazy person, but we don’t hide them away in the attic we bring them right out on the front porch to meet everyone.

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