Hungry. Thirsty. Clawing. Grasping. The sensation of when words begin to flow and yet, more and more are hungered for. Crazed, most likely gawking at the possibility of someone else, some day, holding this in their hands with an expression as crazed as mine consuming every page alongside my characters. My characters, oh what a sound. Does God feel this way when He watches our lives unfold? Oh, He must feel a thousand times higher, for He orchestrated the greatest novels of all time, each of us, a living novel, no, thousands, for our lives could not be captured in a single book. He breathed into us, we are in His image… Ohh…. I always write better when my mind is spilling words out, not shooting them here or there. But also, longing. Maybe it was something I read last night in my quiet time, or Adam Young’s new music video, or perhaps even the fact that I’ve returned from such a beautiful place. Perhaps it’s all of that, or none of it. Maybe it’s the chocolate covered coffee beans, or even the slim jims…

This morning, when I woke up, I asked myself; Would someone read MY book? Would *I* read MY book? That got me thinking and wondering, what are other writers REALLY like? So I began digging. Blogs. Writer’s blogs are always a good place for inspiration, to me anyway. The more I searched the more I found. Then, I found Tosca Lee. I stopped, and I just now realized I have about 6 other tabs that I haven’t quite yet gotten to as I’m rambling this off. But after reading her blog, I felt…revived, writing wise. I desire to see something I have written impacting the lives of others all around the world, even as I am in ministry, my books being the furthest thing from my mind.

Lord God thank you for this drive. Even if ONE person’s life is touched by something I have written, I shall feel accomplished, but the thought of hundreds, or thousands….millions even… any number in between. It’s a bubbly thought… One of those thoughts that keeps my fingers tapping at what my mom so frustratingly deems “A mile a minute” what would it take to type that fast? How would one measure it? How long have I been writing this anyhow? The most vital thing I would mention in writing is prayer. If I don’t pray before I write, I end up scrapping what I wrote at that point eventually, not consciously because I didn’t pray, but because my mind wasn’t with my heart, and when the two aren’t working together, they’re working against each other. Perhaps I should go write some more… Farewell, and thank you immensely for reading this…

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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