High on Him

As we stepped into the church building, I breathed in the atmosphere, sweaty teenagers, restless ones at that, ready to praise our creator. The people here all speak a language of which I know little. It was beautiful. I took a mental step back and surveyed the beauty of it. These people are so beautiful. As an extroverted introvert, I was ready to take in everything, yet I wished to climb in through a window and observe the whole event from a distance. My friend Claudia was at my side, whispering in English what was being said, after a while she stopped translating for me as I began to catch the words. They called us up to the front for worship. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, we all dove straight in. It began with jumping and clapping minorly, and before I knew what was happening we were swirling in a massive group, knocking against each other, shouting and praising God in a language we barely knew. It was a beautiful “mash” as it was called by some. All of us praising God, even when we didn’t know exactly what was going on. All my insecurities cast aside, we moshed on. It was a swarm, there were shoulders grabbed as lines of people run throughout us. Then we were jumping again. A familiar tune clung to my ears, as the words were belted out

“Jesus por Ti yo vivire
De Ti nunca me avergonzare
Te doy todo lo que oy
Toma, Tomalo
Toma, Tomalo”

Sweet sweet words, and to believe I knew them. Jumping and shouting with the mass, we praised our Savoir. He indeed took it all that night. In a moment we were told to have a seat for some dramas. After downing a couple bottles of water, we settled in and inhaled deeply to be ready to preform. With each drama, was a story, a display of Christ’s love and sacrifice for us. When the time came for us to do The Clincher, I played the part of Suicide. Even preforming the drama, I could feel the deep impact of it, as I taunted the girl with the suicide sign, I could feel it. The pain this drama represented, the healing. Oh the sweet healing, when Jesus knocked us to the ground I had to fall face down so that the audience wouldn’t see my smile of sheer delight in the meaning of what was happening. With each drama, my heart panged with appreciation and love for our Savior.  At last there was an alter call. It was beautiful, all of us on our knees. My heart ached to be up at the front, praising God, but I didn’t know why. It was when Cierra took my hand and led Brielle and I up with her that I understood. No matter how much I give to Him, there’s always something left. This time, it was mainly understanding. I’ve always felt a need to know what was happening, to know why I was awoken to pray in the middle of the night, to know why I had to not listen to that song, or not eat that food, to know why I wrote what I did, to know why sweet words spilled out of my mouth, to know why I smiled at that one person on the corner of the street. I let it go. It’s not mine to know, if I’m to know, I will know, but sometimes I just have to trust Him. To know that I can make a difference because He is in me. Because I will represent Him. Because I will change the world. The three of us, three small girls, each with a call on her life, kneeled along with hundreds of others, crying out to the God who created us, worshiping Him. A song reached my lips, and I whispered the words that I knew and hummed the ones I didn’t. We all began to sing, the words began making sense, and we worshiped together. Then we picked it up and praised Him with running and jumping and moshing. What a beautiful night. What an amazing God we serve. And that was just the beginning. Dazed, we made our way back to our seats, new, with shining faces, not only from the sparkly smiles, but from the sweat which thoroughly drenched each of our shirts and hair. The chill of the night was nothing compared to the glory of which we were all consumed with. Ready to pour out, full to the overflowing, we returned to the house we were staying at, changed forever.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

2 thoughts on “High on Him

  1. Nonny says:

    Tori, this is beautiful; did you really write this?
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.
    Love, Nonny

  2. mom says:

    Awesome! My experience weeks earlier was much like this, I can vividly remember the scene by reading your words. I can see it, smell it, relive it by reading this.
    You have a gift! Love you!

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